According to his statement, the change was in his plans for some time because:

Bastille Linux has been running on two non-Linux platforms for years, Mac OSX and HP-UX. Hewlett Packard packages Bastille by default with HP-UX, integrates it with their installer, and provides technical support to their customers for it. Much like Douglas Adams’ increasingly mis-counted Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, Bastille Linux is now two non-Linuxes past its name. We’ve been considering a name change to reflect this for some time.”

As for the domain-losing part, the story goes like this: the Bastille Linux was purchased by a certain Mykhaylo Perebiynis, who later asked $10,000 to return it to the project. There are no details available on how did Perebiynis managed to get the domain.

According to Beale, getting back the domain using legal means (legal action and the domain arbitration process) should not be a problem, but it might take some time. As it follows, the domain was purchased and will be used as virtual headquarters until the current dispute is over.