MBM Software’s new look is probably the work of their brand new design and branding department and, as  Mihai Butolo, MBM’s General Manager likes to say,  it’s only the beginning. We caught up with Mihai at CES, Las Vegas, while exhibiting at world’s biggest and most renewed fair.

– Mihai, give us a heads up on your company
Yes Dragos, we started out in 2005 as a eager group of freshly graduated and our focus was pretty blurry in the first few years, till we started to understand the market, how business is supposed to be done and what customers expect from you. One big achievement was launching our own business products: Reliable Assets and Reliable HelpDesk which proved to be a success.

– So, Mihai, where do you think the industry is going?
Well, in all honesty, it’s hard to say. Things are changing so fast it’s tough even for us, industry people, to adapt and to get a grip on what’s trending. I would probably bet on mobile applications, and from what I see around here any sensor strapped to your body sells. (he smiles). This is not to say web and mobile development is no longer popular. On the opposite, our figures show the market is rising every year.

– What about MBM, what do you guys offer that stands out?
Well, first of all, we’ve been around 10 years now. We have many customers, and what is even better is that they keep returning. This means they’re pleased with what we offer. Throughout this period we managed to keep our team relatively small, and delivery time short. And it paid off, even big companies like to work with smaller flexible development companies, who answer quickly and stick to the development time frame.

Of course, our main business  products remain Reliable gamma, (Reliable Assets, Reliable HelpDesk, Reliable Remote) but we’re  ready to develop any type of web solutions, including business applications, portals and mobile apps.

For those interested, I personally recommend the guys at MBM as true professionals. Their vast portfolio of projects and clients speaks for itself, so if you ever need to develop your own software application (web, mobile or desktop), you can ask them for a quote here.