No need to download Skype and install on your local device. A new web based version of Skype was announced on Friday, in the shape of a Skype plugin. Once installed as an add-on to the browser, it enables the user to start the chat  without turning the Skype client on and off. While trying to preserve the desktop version feel, the Skype development team acknowledged the growing demand for online applications based on browser technology
Now, Johnathan Watson, product manager at Skype, promises that anybody using Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Chrome will be able to make calls over the Internet using the new Skype addition.
Following the beta edition, which will be available to a limited number of user, the Skype management team announced they would base their future stable version on the new WebRTC technology.
WebRTC (Real Time Communication) is a new open source technology that facilitates online peer to peer video/audio conferences from inside the browser.