As you might’ve  guessed already , this lack of fear steams from Valve’s online distribution service, which can and will cut off anyone eager to play in the forbidden zone.

Valve’s literally big man told the Rock Paper Shotgun:

"We’ve got great facilities that make it very hard for people to pirate. And more importantly, the service value of having an ongiong relationship with us is high enough that it causes people to not be very interested in piracy. It’s a dangerous thing to pirate one of our games because later on, when we catch you, you lose all your games, or you can’t play multiplayer."

So, basically, if you got good games and a way to distribute them all over the world without the much-hated market delays, you should see your business flourishing. Treat your customers well and they will act accordingly.

But you have to start with having good games, a little something that’s been missing for some time now, except a handful of titles.