The agreement between the two parties enables EA Mobile to turn four key Edios titles into mobile games: Tomb Raider Underworld, Just Cause 2, California Games X and Minesweeper. The licenses are granted to EA across all existing mobile channels and mobile devices .

Also, EA Mobile has a future option on the mobile versions of the majority of Eidos videogame properties for a period of three years.

"Eidos has a valuable portfolio of intellectual property including the world famous Tomb Raider games," said Javier Ferreira, VP of European Publishing, EA Mobile. "This deal gives EA Mobile immediate access to not one but four high profile titles, which will appeal to a broad audience on mobile platforms."

The Tomb Raider and Just Cause 2 will be based on the sequels, California Games X will be based on the 1987 Commodore 64 version, while Minesweeper will make mobile fans pay for what they get for free when they install Windows.