The added Google search comes packed with a search history recall of 20 items. Eric Lempel, Director, PlayStation Network Operations, writes on the PlayStation Blog:

“[…]a new PSP system software update, v4.00, will be released soon, adding Google Internet search directly to the XMB (XrossMediaBar) interface. […]

After you download and install the firmware on your PSP, click on the XMB’s Network icon and then the new Internet Search icon. Enter your keywords and then let Google’s algorithms do the work. You’ll need to be connected to the Internet via a wireless access point or Wi-Fi hotspot. Googling something on the go has never been more convenient on your PSP.“

In addition, PSP users will be able from now on to change viewing speed during playback of videos stored on their memory sticks. All the user has to do is to press the up and down button and the movie will speed up or slow down, respectively.