The study was commissioned by four companies: Adidas and three that chose to remain anonymous.

The study had ads infiltrate several popular games, including Major League Baseball 2K7, NASCAR 08, Rainbow Six: Vegas, and Need for Speed: Carbon. The study had over 1000 subjects, be it PC or Xbox 360 gamers.

The participants were split into two groups. One group played games featuring ads served by Massive, while the other saw no ads whatsoever. In the end, all the respondents were asked the same questions.

In the end, Massive came up with the following results:
– 73% of those having played Major League Baseball 2K7 with Adidas ads consider that their addition "enhanced the realism of the game."
– 80% of those who were exposed to ads for a movie stated that they "would probably or definitely purchase the DVD"
– 72% of those who saw ads for a candy bar were convinved that the product would make a "great snack to eat while playing video games."

All in all, 70% of the subject being exposed to ads stated that the commercial "fit the games".