Rockstar previously made Electronic Arts change the name of the level into the less inspired (and, obviously, less humorous) “Mob rules”.

Three EA developers had their say in Geoff Keighley’s Game Head program. Executive producer Matt Selman was the one to fire the first salvo:

The game begins with Bart wanting to play a game called Grand Theft Scratchy. Of course this is a parody of Grand Theft Auto. And Marge immediately takes it away from him. She tries to clean up the town and stop the game from being distributed in Springfield because Marge is against video game violence. She uses horrific violence to stop video game violence… in a video game.

That’s called irony… The people who make Grand Theft Auto, they spazzed out like little babies.”

While GTA is indeed Rockstar’s IP, it’s sad to see how a company can fight parody although its own games feature the very same things. Then again, it’s only funny when you do it, right?