The company continues to remain silent as far as the PC version is concerned. So you can very well forget about it for the time being, given that project with a huge “on hold” sign above them get to be delayed a lot...until being canceled.

Dubbed Prince of Persia Epilogue, the DLC continues the saga of the original release and leads both the (new) Price and his sidekick Elika through the undiscovered Underground Palace.

The new setting has been filled with improved monsters, more dangerous traps and level with a higher degree of complexity.

To make things even, the characters have gained new abilities. The Prince received a brand new Sprinting Clash attack that stuns opponents (apparently, the opponents got this feature as well), while Elika was gifted with the Energise power, enabling her to reconstruct destroyed areas and , therefore, continue the journey to surface.

The console versions of the PoP DLC have not been price for the time being. According to Ubisoft, the episode should keep players busy for an average of three hours.