According to a report from research firm Enterbrain, the Wii is by no doubt the record holder of the next-gen generation. By comparison, the PlayStation 3 managed to sell in Japan around 2,5 million units.

As for the Xbox 360, Japan has never been a welcoming market for the American console. In spire of all of Microsoft’s marketing efforts, the green console barely managed to push around 800,000 units off the shelves.

Impressive figures, but rather small when compared to the overall success of the console. Since it launch of December 2 2006, the Wii has constantly dominated the hardware sales charts. The latest unveiled figures show that its worldwide sales have topped 34 million units.

Ironic as it may be, but Wii’s constant adversary in the sales race was another Nintendo console, the DS. The handheld device has been constantly outselling the Wii. Still, we don’t think Nintendo actually minds such a competition.