The first game unveiled by Maxis is the Spore expansion pack, dubbed Galactic Adventures. The add-on is focused on user-generated content, given that the new editing tools enable players to customize both their planets as well as their adventures.

The second game is Spore: Creature Keeper, a release described by Maxis as a "mini-Sims" game that will require the player to babysit a small Spore creature.

Next in line come two project aimed at Nintendo’s consoles, the Wii and the DS. The adventure-based Spore: Hero will be released on both consoles, while the Spore: Hero Arena title is currently known as a DS-only release.

There is no word on either a Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 Spore game, but rest assured that EA will eventually find a away to breed its IP on these platforms as well. After all, “multiplaform developement” has been a EA tradition for a long time.