Russian company Syncopate is also considering the possibility of publishing some Russian browser MMORPG games in China and Korea. Initial investment was estimated at around $20 million, part from founders and part of the investment raised from outside investors.

Syncopate’s target is to release 5 to 10 new games annually on promising markets like  Russia, CIS and European countries. The company plans to take 30% share of MMORPG market in Russia and CIS, as well as to win a share of the European market.

An innovative online game platform, GameNet is at the core of Syncopates publishing strategy. The new platform will link up the games, published under the same brand, expand their content and unite the players in one big community.

Despite growing interest in online games market, the lack of professional expertise held investor back from this market. The founders of Syncopate plan to develop a new service, evaluation of investment attractiveness of Russian and international projects. The company also intends to offer financial assistance to Asian games developers and start-up studios.