The versions coming on Sony’s consoles will retail for $29.99, while the Wii game will add $10 more to its price.

The game will feature five interactive stories which will have the player look for every chance to turn the prosecution’s case to rubbish, no matter how ridiculous it might seem. Peruse the scene of the crime, gather evidence, talk with other cartoon characters, have a drink with opposing council (don’t fly afterwards), these are the main ways to gather what some call a “solid case”. In the end the client goes free or the player goes to the loading screen.

However, Capcom wouldn’t utter a word regarding possible changes in the Wii version. Will it be just a simple port or will it take advantage of the Wii Remote?

The extra $10 might suggest that the game will bring a bit more to the table than its other versions. Then again, it might just be that Capcom stuck the price tag while thinking: “The Wii is popular, Harvey is a fun guy, why would someone object is the price is a bit higher?”