According to the studio, downloaded or purchased copies of the full game can act as full-featured demos for the duration of one calendar day.

During this period the game is completely unlocked for single-player and LAN multiplayer modes. After the period expires, the “tester” can choose to purchase the full game online or uninstall it altogether.

“This innovative digital rights management solution raises the bar on how consumers can sample games before they buy them,” added Mario Kroll, Director of Marketing and PR for cdv Software Entertainment USA. “Rather than showcasing only a limited character or content selection, as most traditional demos do, gamers can share and enjoy the full game experience, trying out the features that most appeal to them, and getting a true sense of the full game.”

It remains to be seen just how open will this demo feature will be. Also, one should wonder if the game can be finished in just one day. Will such hardcore gamers be willing to pay so they can oplay it once again?