The consoles is where the actions is, and gamers follow. At least that what id Software’s Steve Nix seems to believe:

"I know that I have friends who are considered core gamers, who years ago were just keyboard and mouse guys – now, when a game ships on all platforms, they buy the console version, even though the PC version is sitting there and they have a PC that would run it perfectly well. It’s just their preference."

His statement is backed by Greg Stone, Nerve Software designer (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for Xbox 360):

"For me, I’m exactly what he’s describing – I’m a guy that used to play on PCs, and now I’m totally console."

Needless to say, the main reason behind ht e desertion is the price. PC gaming is getting more and more expensive; new games require more and more powerful hardware, which is everything but cheap. In the mean time, you only have to pay for a console once and get all your games to run as you like.