M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D., president of the non-profit American Islamic Forum for Democracy, has been talking to Edge and sheds some common sense on a very controversial market.

“The free market allows for expression of disfavor by simply not purchasing a game that may be offensive. “…To demand that [the game] be withdrawn is predicated on a society which gives theocrats who wish to control speech far more value than the central principle of freedom of expression upon which the very practice and freedom of religion is based.”

“AIFD stands against any form of censorship in the marketplace of ideas whether imposed by government or by corporations intimidated by the response of militants or those with an inappropriately sensitive level of political correctness.”

However, there’s little chance that Sony will get back on its decision and give up its recall efforts. The company must be fed up with religion-related scandal since last year, when the Church of England gave Sony a very hard time over the use of the Manchester Cathedral in Resistance Fall of Man