In a interview with the IGN, Tretton stresses out that the main Blu-ray promoter is no longer tagged as a “port to” console. In fact, developers are now interested to start their work with the PS3 version of the game, he claims:

Developers are telling us that they are starting to create their games on PS3 first and take advantage of the hardware capabilities and then port down to other platforms so we are seeing tremendous progress from the third party community in terms of what they are able to do with our development kits.”

The message sounds very sweet for every fan’s ears. Then again, there a couple of issues that haven’t been answered. First of all, it would be interesting to see how many developers gave up on the Xbox 360 and chose the PlayStation 3. More important, Tretton doesn’t mention any of such side-switchers, which leaves us to believe that although some progress has been made, it’s still not something Microsoft should worry about.

The PlayStation 3 has been picking up in sales recently and so, such a bold statement was to be expected. Sony needs to build up the hype once again, or just stay behind the 360 in terms of sales and turn green with envy.