1Up claims to have got their hands on portions of a script, supposedly written for "Star Wars online" game. The description reads as follows:

"This is a role-playing game set in the historical past of the Star Wars universe. Jedi and Sith battle across the galaxy with the power of the Force and are joined by soldiers, politicians and nobles. Players must choose the destinies of heroes and villains in a thrilling and dangerous universe."

As always, LucasArts issued their usual “no comment” statement and let the fans take a dive into the debate pool.

Apparently, the rest of the available script features an exchange between the player and a bomb designer named Fuse, with lots of dialogue to go with. Usually, dialogues aren’t the strength of an MMO. Then again, Bioware is known for its eagerness to speak.

All in all, don’t forget that EA now owns Bioware, meaning that the mammoth publisher has a very strong word to say on the matter. And given the fact that EA knows how to turn games into (lots of) money, betting on the MMO version might be the winning option.

Then again, maybe this is just idle gossip and KotOR will remain faithful to the RPG genre. Or maybe EA plans to launch two separate version set in the same universe.