Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords will become available tomorrow and will cost 1200 Microsoft Points. The game will have the players fight against the evil side once again. Among its top feature we can mention support for widescreen, HD display and LIVE features such as camera support, Achievements, leaderboards and Gamerscore.

In the mean time, Yaris will come free of charge, but only if you’re living is the US or Canada. Otherwise, it won’t come at all. According to Microsoft’s John Porcaro, the Yaris game is a North America-only offer because:

the game’s portrayal and model options of the Yaris aren’t available in all global markets, and the specific brand positioning of the Yaris is unique to the U.S. and Canada.”

The player will take the wheel of a customizable Toyota Yaris and will get busy destroying enemies and avoiding obstacles, hoping to get to finish the mad race, be in single player mode or in multiplayer over Xbox Live.

Yaris will be available on Xbox Live Arcade for one year.