The games is rated as Mature and thus, meant to be played by those aged 18 years or more. But, according to the study, the underage players are aged between 7 and 16. Once again, parents take the blame:

"61% of these younger gamers indicated that they purchased the M-rated game themselves, with 39% of the young gamers responding that someone else bought the game for them," Nielsen told GameDaily. "Interestingly enough, parents/guardians were pegged as the biggest facilitators for getting the controversial game into the hands of these young respondents, garnering 80% of the response. Friends, siblings and other relatives rounded out the other 20% of the response."

According to Nielsen, kids continue tio get their hands on such games because either their parents are not familiar with current ESRB rating, or just don’t care about them.

We’re sure Jack Thomspon will want to make a statement. Just wait.