According to the giant publisher’s initial statements dating from June, Madden NFL 08 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 were the first sports titles to enjoy this treatment. In the mean time, only Madden NFL 08 for PC managed to hit the stores.

Appleinsider has been bugging Electronic Arts to get some answers and so it did. Apparently the publisher was unable to meet the deadlines due to the lack of experience with Mac development. As it follows, both sports games have been rescheduled for “September or October”.

And the bad news do go on. The publisher tried to patch up things and stated that four other titles (Battlefield 2142, Command and Conquer 3, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Need for Speed Carbon) have already hit the stores. It sounds like good news but….

“EA was unable to provide the name of a single store at which customers could purchase any of the titles.

A brief survey by AppleInsider of Apple’s stores, as well as Amazon and several other leading online retailers, revealed that none had the games in stock while only a few outlets were offering pre-orders. Some online retailers known to carry Mac software, including Amazon, made no mention of the Mac version whatsoever while listing available copies for Windows and several video game consoles.”

Electronic Arts may have indeed encountered some serious problems in porting the games. However, it doesn’t explain EA’s need to constantly lie about facts. A more transparent policy would better fit the company and help it gain some points with its public.