Carmack has been chatting with Gamasutra and at least one idea is worth noting:

if you look at what’s really successful on the PC — like World Of Warcraft, that’s an insanely successful product. It’s like a train driving all the PC sales numbers altogether on gaming.

Just in terms of games that you sit down and play in the console mode, the PC probably doesn’t have a huge amount of differentiation, and that’s unlikely to change.

But the different areas where the PC is still standing on its own is MMOs, and a lot of casual games are interesting, too. The people that sit down to play games are predominantly playing them on consoles — at least, higher-end games — but the PC still has a strong enough margin to make games, and we continue to support it.”

The man is right no, doubt about it. However, it’s rather ironic (if not downright sad) to hear such a thing from one of the guys that places the laurel crown on the FPS genre back in the ’90.