The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

The London-based Opened Hand is best known for its work on Clutter, a software library for creating OpenGL-based GUIs, and Matchbox, an open source base environment for the X Window System on embedded platforms with limited screen size and system resources.

The company has also been working with Nokia and the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization.

Moblin is an open source, optimized Linux software platform designed for integration with Intel’s Atom processors in Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), netbooks, and embedded systems. Intel started the project last year.

At present time, there are seven project under development:

Moblin Image Creator: a tool aimed at making mobile and embedded development easier. It does this by enabling the quick creation of platform-specific build environments and target file systems, with customized contents chosen from a list of available functional sets.

Kernel: platform-specific kernel patches and device drivers are part of the kernel project, along with information on adding your own patches and building a kernel.

UI Framework: the UI Framework project is focused on the MID home screen interface and its underlying framework, which is GTK-based and uses the Hildon application framework. Customizability is a key aspect of the UI Framework project, with a focus on easy reorganization and extension of the UI.

Power Management Policy: power management is a critical aspect of Linux for mobile and consumer electronics devices. The power policy management project is focused on extending and enhancing existing Linux power management capabilities, and providing a comprehensive, robust, and extensible power management framework.

Browser: a full-featured browser is at the heart of delivering an uncompromised Internet experience on mobile and consumer electronics devices. The browser project focuses on extending a Mozilla-based browser core with features such as a simple, finger-driven UI and Hildon integration.

Multimedia: the multimedia project is home to multimedia application development that supports audio and video playback and photo viewing, along with content management through a mobile-optimized interface. The multimedia application will support either the Helix* or GStreamer* multimedia frameworks.

Linux Connection Manager: the Linux Connection Manager project provides a daemon for managing Internet connections within embedded devices running the Linux operating system. It is fully modular system that can be extended through plug-ins, to support all kinds of wired or wireless technologies.