The new operating income has been reduced 60 billion yen to just 290 billion yen, while the net income 125 billion yen, 55 billion yen less than the original forecast.

The original forecast was announced on October 29, 2007, way before the HD DVD was proven to be the loser of the next-gen format war.

Bu aside from the discontinuation of the HD DVD business (which was, by all means, a significant blow to Toshiba’s bank account), there’s also a second cause for the forecast change. Things haven’t been going very well in the Flash department either, and the decline in sales prices of NAND flash memories took its toll as well.

As present time, Toshiba stated that its PC business and Social Infrastructure are the only two segments moving forward strongly, and it’s safe to assume that the company will rely on them to keep the ship afloat until it patches things up.