A recent blog post penned by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone aims to calm down the rumors and provide a clear answer. However, do keep in mind that "clear” usually means something else when we’re talking about businessmen:

“My inbox is flooded this morning with requests for a response to the latest Internet speculation about where Twitter is headed. It should come as no surprise that Twitter engages in discussions with other companies regularly and on a variety of subjects.

Our goal is to build a profitable, independent company and we’re just getting started. We’ve got just over thirty employees now and we’re working out of a loft in San Francisco’s SoMA neighborhood. By the way, we’re hiring talented people if you want to join us.”

So, basically, Twitter enjoys having a good offer on the table every now and then, but would rather keep things as they are for the time being. No need for further explanations, Twitter is still gaining ground and its obsession with being independent is quite understandable. Still, it would be interesting to see just how much is Google willing to offer for the micro-blogging site.