Back in 2006, the total sales were of over $7 billion, which was marked as a 11% rise and a first in the history of the market.

"The rapid notebook expansion in most Asian countries due to the eroding price points continues to drive volumes," said Gerard Tan of GfK Asia.

2007 was the year of personal portable computers, the study notes. In China, for instance, the reported growth was of 53% in volumes. On the other hand, the prices fell significantly as compared to 2006. Two years ago, the average unit price was $1146.57, while in 2007 it went down to $994.65 in 2007.

In the mean time, the retail desktop PC market increased to an overall average of 8%.

Malaysia was the performer of the market, with PC sales volumes rising 68%, and sales value going up 72%.

GfK’s survey was based on retail sales data from 11 of the largest markets in the region: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, India and Australia.