The Next Generation Telecom Summit will take place  will be held in late April at The Park Hotel in Bremen  and will include the Heads of Technology and Business development, a fair share of  CEO’s as well as government officials.

The list of participants is quite long and includes  over 50 of the leading Telecom companies, including Vodafone, Belgacom, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, T-Mobile and France Telecom.

Apparently, the main focus of the summit will be the debate on how the industry can unite and tackle the current climate.
There’s been a lot of talk about how companies must invest more and more, as well as how they must remain united (which sounds a bit like a monopolistic move, but never mind that. We all love corporations for what they are).

The question is: will companies find a way to deal with the current economic crisis? I guess we shall find out the months. That is, if they do.