The new offer is available in 34 countries worldwide.

“This move is a natural step for Skype. Skype was founded on the principle of making free voice and video calls available to people all around the world. And now we’re making it even easier for the Skype community to call their friends and family who are not yet on Skype. Our subscriptions give people an easy, hassle-free choice for how and when they want to catch up with their loved ones,” says Stefan Oberg, VP & GM telecoms at Skype.

The offer includes the US, Canda, most of the European countries, China (Hong Kong), Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, and Brasil.

Skype users living in the US and Canada will be charged 6.95 Euro per month if they choose the plan which includes all the 34 countries. As always, Europeans end up with the more expensive bill, as the same offer comes with a 8.95 Euro price tag for them.

According to Skype, there are over 309 million registered users, who have made more than 100 billion minutes worth of free Skype-to-Skype calls.