The companies currently targeted by the FCC are Sprint Nextel Corporation, Alltel Corporation and United States Cellular Corporation.

“Alltel, Sprint Nextel, and U.S. Cellular failed to meet this critical deadline by a significant margin, despite the clear requirements of the Commission and the needs of their consumers. While we recognize the efforts undertaken by the carriers, and encourage the continued efforts of all carriers to enhance these life-saving technologies and work with the public safety community, the fines issued today are significant and appropriate,” said FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.

“Effective enforcement of our E911 rules is a valuable and necessary tool in achieving this mission,” he added.

According to the FCC, the three carriers failed to meet several requirements. However, the most important was that t95% of the operators’ customers had to be equipped with phones would’ve enabled first responders to locate the callers in case of emergency.

These requirements were supposed to be met since December 31, 2005.