An interview with one of the jurors basically spells “beware of jury lawsuit” to anyone who has at least basic knowledge about how the Internet works. Wired managed to get in tough with juror Michael Hegg and got some troubling statements.

First of all, Hegg admitted that it took the jury only 5 minutes to reach the guilty verdict and the rest of the time was spent in agreeing on how much to make her pay for each of the 24 songs. They finally settled for a $9,250 penalty per song. Initially, two of the jurors (the funeral home owner included) asked for the maximum $150,000 ($3.6 million), while only one juror supported the minimum $750 ($18,000).

The 38-year old Hegg, a married father of two admitted that his wife is the “Internet guru” in the family, while he has never been on the Internet. Looking at what he has to say, one has to wonder if the jury actually reached a verdict or just reacted out of spite. Here are several of Hegg’s statements:

"She’s a liar […] I think she thought a jury from Duluth would be naïve. We’re not that stupid up here,I don’t know what the f*ck she was thinking, to tell you the truth."

"We wanted to send a message that you don’t do this, that you have been warned."

Jammie Thomas already announced she was going to appeal the decision.