Biswamohan Pani, 33, quit his job at Intel in June and went to work for the rival company AMD. According to the prosecutors, Pani did not leave Intel alone, but in the company of more than a dozen confidential documents he managed to illegally download.

Subsequently, he took a job and AMD, where prosecutors believe he sought to use the documents stolen from Intel. The company denies any involvement in the affair and issued the following statement:

"AMD has not been accused of wrongdoing, and the FBI has stated that there is no evidence that AMD had any involvement in or awareness of Pani’s alleged actions. "

Pani has been indicted on one count of stealing confidential information and four counts of wire fraud. If found guilty, he faces up to a maximum of 10 years in prison if convicted for the theft of trade secrets, plus an additional 20 years on each wire fraud charge.