"Japan is one of the world’s most connected societies, and we have already seen positive reception from local users using our beta website," said Masuda Jun, Vice President of Baidu’s Japanese subsidiary.

"Following the formal launch of our Japan site, we expect to see even greater user reception to the four different Japanese language services we will offer, including web search, image search, video search and blog search services," he added.

Baidu’s intentions to enter the Japanese search market were first announced in December 2006. Several months later, in March, the company began to test the servers in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The company stated it plans to focus on developing search products that compliment Japanese users’ habits and preferences.

The Japanese version of Baidu is available here

At present time Baidu is credited to hold in its grasp around 60% of the Chinese search market and ranks third in the world-wide top, after Google and Yahoo.