According to Apple’s retail plans, popular songs now retail for $1.29 apiece, the second tier is marked $0.99 and older, less appealing tracks are on sale for $0.69.

Officially, Apple claims that a large part of its huge catalog has been marked down to $0.69 (and due to the current economic recession, such a move would indeed make a lot of sense). However, it’s appears that Apple’s lowering the price is based up only on PR statements.

Songs price $0.69 are hard (if not impossible) to find and, when users manage to find them, they don’t actually present themselves as a money’s worth product. On the other hand, Apple found no difficulty in raising the price for popular songs, many of which are now retailing for $1.29.

The vast majority of Apple’s catalog remains stuck at the previous $0.99. It may very well be that Apple s not a fast mover when it comes to decreasing the price. Also, record companies are not happy about it either. But Apple will have to make up its mind sooner or later. Amazon’s Mp3 download service is gaining market and we might see the iTunes looking over its shoulder in a year or two.