Up till now, Facebook users were given few choices when it came to the privacy of their profile information. Either they could leave everyone to browse it, or just shut everyone out. As the latter options was everything but what could one expect when joining up such a site, a middle ground had to be found.

The recent update enables users to choose which content each individual is allowed to view.

However, a good idea can be turned into a bad thing. According to Betanews, a group of college students did just that, by announcing a fake funeral ceremony, with one of their colleagues as the “leading figure”:

“Since it is currently spring break at this college, and classes are adjourned until next week, the pranksters took advantage of the fact that all the students had gone home and posted a news feed upon Facebook that a fellow student had died. The student’s funeral was even posted as an event, complete with a fake date and time, viewable by all except "the deceased."”

I supposed old habits die hard, don’t they? (some pun intended).