This article helps you understand how you can benefit from Black Friday deals from Amazon and how to prepare for this amazing shopping opportunity.

Benefits offered by Amazon Black Friday

The benefits that you enjoy during black Friday depend on whether you are a prime Amazon member or not. For those without membership, some of the benefits that they stand to achieve include:

  1. Amazon matches the prices of their competitors, so you can get the best value for money spend on your shopping.
  2. Customers enjoy free shipping without a minimum
  3. More days to return the item that you have bought. You have until 31 January next year.
  4. Those with Amazon Visa Card enjoy Amazon gift card worth $50 and 3% cash back on all purchases on Amazon.
  5. However, customers who hold Amazon prime membership enjoy the following:
  6. Free of cost one-month amazing prime trial, or 6 months for students
  7. Free 2 days shipping for all items that qualify
  8. Customers can pick standard shipping instead and enjoy awesome free credits
  9. Black Friday price cuts or discounts on whole food, Amazon music and Audible.

When Does Amazon, Black Friday Start?

Every year, shoppers are more concerned about the dates when Amazon promotion starts and when it comes to end. However, it seems it is no longer a one-day event since Amazon wants to offer all its customers an opportunity to shop for an extended period and enjoy the discounted prices that are on offer. It normally starts at around November 18 and runs for weeks, hence providing customers with adequate time to snag the items that they have always wanted at an incredibly low price.

Items to Watch During Amazon Black Friday Sale

Among the items that offer the best deals are electronics, home and garden deals, toys and gaming equipment. Others are Alexa, Fire and Kindle Devices, but potential customers seldom notice them. Kitchen equipment is also present!

Amazon also offers Early Black Friday Deals:

What you must know before shopping

Getting prepared in advance ensures that you have an enjoyable black Friday experience. Here are some of the things that you should know:

  • There is always serious time limitations because deals start out after every 5 minutes and will get sold out pretty quickly.
  • Most of the deals will be available online and not in the store. However, Alexa devices and other amazing deals will be available in-store.
  • Download the app since this will help you navigate the available Black Friday deals. With the app on your phone, you can get to know all the available apps before they go live.


With Black Friday almost here, it is important that you get prepared to take advantage of the myriad of offers that will be offered. Depending on your level of membership, Amazon offers many benefits you, other than discounted prices.