Opera Link is supported in the high-performance Opera 9.5 beta and the newest beta of Opera Mini 4. First, the user has to download and install both browsers. Then, he must go to Opera’s Web site, register an account (if he doesn’t have one already) and choose what kind of browser data he wants to synchronize.

Once the process is over, the user’s bookmarks, personal bar, and speed-dial settings that he uses on his desktop browser have become automatically available on the mobile device.

"We refuse to believe people should compromise their experience when they access the Web from different devices," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera. "With Opera Link, we give them a consistent experience uniquely suited to the way they want to use the Web. But as cool as we think Opera Link is now, we are already hard at work making it even more valuable to our users in the future. Opera Link means convergence without compromise."

Opera Link is available here.