Usually, unlucky users get a short notification reading the following: “the video has been removed as a result of a third-party notification by the Warner Music Group.”

It’s pretty simple: YouTube and Warner failed to agree on how much should the latter be paid for its content. In response, Warner removed all of its premium content and sent a long list to YouTube requesting that all the content featured there should be banned on the spot.

Apparently, YouTube decided that this applies for amateur content as well, no matter the circumstances. At least, that’s what Warner claims:

"We and our artists share the user community’s frustration when content is unavailable,” said Will Tanous, a spokesman for Warner Music. "YouTube generates revenues from content posted by fans, which typically requires licenses from rights holders. Under the current process, we make YouTube aware of WMG content. Their content ID tool then takes down all unlicensed tracks, regardless of how they are used."

So YouTube does this automatically, nobody is to be blamed and still the users are getting frustrated over this policy. Somebody should put an end to this before content creators decide to upload their work elsewhere.