RIAA officials stated that the legal charge against consumers and try to find new and more efficient ways to fight online piracy.

The organization’s legal crusade against illegal downloaders started back in 2003 and is currently credited with over 35,000 lawsuits, the Wall Street Journal reports.

In return, RIAA plans to adopt a new approach. Whenever it detects illegal uploading taking place, the music industry watchdog will contact the user’s ISP and have it don the dirty work. At first, the user might end up with a “please stop” notification. If he continues (and gets caught), the ISP will be asked to slow down the user’s service or cancel altogether.

In addition, RIAA stated that heavy uploaders will continue to make a great target for lawsuits. However, ISP’s won’t be asked to reveal the identity of “casual” Internet pirates.

RIAA has yet to unveil the list of ISPs that have already agreed to back its efforts. It remains to be seen just how many people will decided to change their Internet provider when the list pops out.