The US sits on top with 21.3% of the world’s spam. In the mean time, Russia is still far below with a mere 8.3%, followed by China with 4.2%. Brazil (4%) and South Korea (3.9%) complete the top five.

"Responsible for a third of all unwanted email, USA and Russia can be viewed as the two dirty men of the spam generation, polluting email traffic with unwanted and potentially malicious messages," said Carole Theriault, senior security consultant at Sophos.

"It’s not the case that a third of the world’s spammers are based in those countries, but that legions of computers are poorly defended, allowing hackers to break in and turn them into botnets for the spreading of spam and malware."

Although of US’ significant lead, the North American continent only managed to get the third place in the top, with 26.5%. Europe ranked second, with 27.1%. As expected, Asia took the throne with 32.1%.

South America accounted only for 12.5%, while Africa’s spamming score was 1.1%