Usually, even if a page becomes unavailable online, Google’s cache still allows curious surfers at what used to be posted on the specific link.

For instance, when searching for “google chrome download”, the search engine points to a certain page on

The page is offline at this time, so the surfers click on “Cached” to see what exactly was on that page. No surprise, the cached page is also unavailable and (as the original link itself), takes the user back to Google’s home page.

It’s good to be Google and bend a bit the rules when you feel you have to. Still, it would be interesting to find out why was Chrome taken off the web. Did Google got scared at the last minute or was it just an unplanned release?

Until we get an answer feel free to take a look at this lengthy comic, seeking to answer most questions related to Google’s latest product.

Update: Chrome made it back online and can be downloaded from here.