750 million users conducted over 61 billion searches, with 37 of them using the G search engine. The remaining search engines only accounted for 24 billion searches.

Yahoo ranked second with 8.5 billion searches, far ahead of its next competitor, China’s Baidu (3.2 billion). However, this is far from being a reassuring position. The study shows that the Asia-Pacific region (meaning countries like China, Japan and India) was the most active region of the month, with 258 million unique users and 20.3 billion searches. Chances are that such numbers will continue to grow in time and there’s no need to remind everyone that both China and India represent huge markets.

Europe ranked as the second largest market (210 million), while North America had to settle for the third place (206 million).

Korea’s NHN search engine also had a good score (2 billion searches) and was right behind Microsoft (2.1 billion). Needless to say, getting to be fourth in the top says a lot about the software’s giant ability to draw people to use its search engine, in spite of its recent “Live” rebranding and marketing campaign.

The complete top is listed down below:

– Google sites 37 billion
– Yahoo sites – 8.5 billion
– Baidu 3.2 billion
– Microsoft sites 2.1 billion
– NHN 2 billion
– eBay 1.3 billion
– Time Warner 1.2 billion
– Ask 743 million
– Fox 683 million
– Lycos 441 million