According to the Internet Reliance in Today’s Economy survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 46% of women and 30% of men would rather give up their sex life for two weeks rather than have to be offline for the same period.

The average goes up to 49% for women aged 18-34 and grows even further to 52% for women aged 35-44. Only 39% of men aged 18-34 would make such a choice.

Also on the “this or that for two weeks” plate, the Internet overshadowed TV: 67% of U.S. adults aged 18-34, 57% of U.S. adults aged 35-44 and 52 %of U.S. adults aged 45 and older would rather go 2 weeks without watching TV than give up Internet access for a week.

Moving on to a broader angle, the Internet was ranked as the top must-have item, with 65% of the respondents saying they “can’t live without it”. Next in line (but at great distance) came cable television subscriptions (39%), dining out (20%), shopping for clothes (18%) and gym membership (10%).

All in all, 91% of the respondents admit that an Internet connection improved at least one aspect of their lives: 78% of them can stay in touch with friends and family, 68% can shop more effectively and 47% are happy to be able to use online banking to manage their finances.

The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive among 2,119 adults ages 18 and older.