Most of the countries in this chart have very small populations compared to the usual offenders, but their totals are sky high when it comes to spam emitted on a per-person basis,” says Carole TheriaultTheriault, senior security consultant at Sophos. “Just because your PC is located on a remote island in the South Pacific doesn’t mean it’s not contributing to the global spam problem. All computer users, wherever they are in the world, need to wake up to the threats and ensure their PCs are properly protected.”

The top goes as follows:
1. The Pitcairn Islands
2. Niue
3. Tokelau
4. Anguilla
5. The Faroe Islands
6. Monaco
7. Bermuda
8. Falkland Islands
9. Andorra
10. Aruba

The world largest spammers are deep down in the list. Russia is on 45th, The US is on 64th, while China can be found only if one digs until it reaches the 132nd place.

No need to be upset though. The US continues to be the top spamming country, with 21.3% of the world’s spam. In the mean time, Russia is still far below with a mere 8.3%, followed by China with 4.2%.