Tanya Andersen has been fighting RIAA for over two and a half years and stated it intends to continue to do so by seeking class-action status for its legal action. So the bills are likely to continue to pile up.

It all started in February 2005, when RIAA accused Andersen, a disabled 44 years old mother of downloading and distributing gangsta rap over the Kazaa music sharing network. In response, she denied the allegations and decided to sue RIAA on accounts of fraud and racketeering.

On one hand, RIAA was unable to prove that Andersen’s computer was used for sharing music. On the other, the organization was accused of having used underhanded tactics to get such evidence. For instance, Andersen told the court that RIAA agents tried to contact her daughter at school by impersonating the girl’s grandmother on the phone.

Last year in June RIAA finally admitted it was unable to produce any kind of evidence to back their claims and dropped the lawsuit. As it followed, the case was then dismissed with prejudice, a verdict issued last September and re-issued last week as the grand finale of RIAA’s appeal.

In other words, Andersen is now entitled to recover the attorneys’ fees right from RIAA’s pockets. And, as already stated, she is looking forward to launch a class-action lawsuit against RIAA. Will she gather enough supporters?