The announcement features no actual figures and is focused on stressing out that the acquisition will have no impact what so ever on the quality of the blog. In fact, the Giga Omni purchase should be regarded as good news, as it is meant to give the two jkOnTheRun editors more time to focus on their writing.

jkOnTheRun editor James Kendrick writes:

“We will continue to show you not only the technology of the day but how you can leverage it to your best advantage. We will also continue to detail for you what technology we are using and what we do with it.

What will change is a good thing- both Kevin and I have joined the Giga Omni Media group and will be able to focus all of our time on writing for you here on jkOnTheRun. This is exciting for us both and we hope for you too. […] Any changes you see here will be merely cosmetic as we can now tap the technical expertise of Giga Omni Media and make the site cleaner and faster. Having these resources at our disposal will not only mean your experience on the site will get better but it means that Kevin and I can concentrate solely on creating the content you crave. Now that’s a very good thing.”

So, basically, all the upcoming changes will only be for the better. Is independence a small price to pay for all this? Perhaps, perhaps not. Time will tell.