The official announcement, spotted on the company’s blog, reads the following:

“Those of you who have given Microsoft all your money can snag off of LIVE on Wednesday, March 5 for a measly 800 points, which is less that you will spend on a sandwich next week, if’n you think about it. For those of you who worship at the altar of Blu-Ray, you can get your Rocketmen on starting Thursday, March 6 for the non-robot sum of $10 American.”

Rocketmen is an arcade-style overhead shooter. Players will be able to customize their character, with 3 races made available (human, Mercurian and Venusian) and 3 classes (Fighter, Engineer and Outcast).

As usual, extra items and abilities will be made available to those brave and skilled enough to complete the necessary quests. The game will have up to four players in co-op games online.