Apparently, the nice reverend has a bone to pick with the violence present in video games:

"We are considering having something similar to a rally where parents and children can bring CDs and video games that they consider are destructive to the mind set of our youth and have a burning…
Young people are being influenced by what they see and what they hear. They are being influenced by television … television and videos are telling young people a vision but something that’s not reality…”

Aside from the fact that meeting violence with violence is not such a bright idea (especially since we’re talking about real violence vs virtual one), we strongly advise the reverend to contact two other organizations that enjoyed burning stuff they disliked  (and were very successful at it too): the Nazi party and the Spanish Inquisition.

Oh wait, both of them are unavailable because the humanity sort of evolved in the mean time.

On the other hand, one would wonder what sort of child would gladly bring his favorite video games to be burned? Or, more frightening yet, what sort of parent would force his child to do so?