This is one of the first times that Microsoft manages to announce a game right before everyone knew almost all about based on rumors. Is Microsoft changing its strategy? (/sarcasm).

The Ninja Gaiden 2 first appeared on (Japanese edition). According to Microsoft, the game is under development at Team Ninja, the same studio responsible for Ninja Gaiden (Xbox, 2004), Ninja Gaiden Black(Xbox, 2005) and Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PlayStation 3, 2007).

It’s worth noting that the next Ninja Gaiden game won’t be going on missions anywhere but only on Microsoft’s console. The game won’t be published by Tecmo but by Microsoft Game Studios, which seems eager to try once again and lure the Japanese market to its side.

In related news, Microsoft announced that two more games would be arriving on Xbox Live Arcade: Exit (Taito), and Triggerheart Exelica (Warashi). The Redmond company added that Braid (Number None Inc.), Castle Crashers (The Behemoth) and Schizoid (Torpex Games) will also make the list, but only next year.