Although the genre is not as popular anymore, there are still plenty of fans reminiscing on classical adventure games such as Lucas Arts’ Indiana Jones series or Monkey Islands 1 and 2.

Bringing back pleasant memories, Golden Wake’s cut scenes, available on the game maker’s website, recreate the feeling of mid 90’s adventure games.

Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye  CCO seems to have purposely chosen slightly antiquated graphics not excelling in high resolution or detail.

 As many adventure game buffs believe,  Golden Wake’s graphics rekindle the lost passion for the genre.

Set in the 1920s, in a Miami suburb, Golden Wake follows the story of Alfie Banks, a real estate broker, trying to "strike it rich" during America’s Great Depression.

Rife with interesting puzzles and good quality action, the game seems to be a safe bet for the ambitious Brooklyn based game maker

You can preorder the game at for only 14.99 USD