The Senator was quick to criticize EBRS’ decision of rating the game once again. Also, he adds a bit of conspiracy theory to his speech and questions the means used by Rockstar to persuade the ratings organization:

Parents can’t trust a rating system that doesn’t even disclose how they come to a particular rating. The ESRB and Rockstar should end this game of secrecy by immediately unveiling what content has been changed to grant the new rating and what correspondence occurred between the ESRB and Rockstar to come to this conclusion. Unfortunately, history shows that we must be quite skeptical of these two entities.”

Furthermore, Yee pulls out the big guns and asks the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the process which lead the game to be downrated from the initial “Adults Only” to the current “Mature”.

The ESRB chose not to comment Lee’s statement.

Basically, the scandal will go on for a while, Rockstar will get its fair share of free advertising and Yee might get some more media attention. Out bet is that the Manhunt 2 issue will eventually fade away, only to be remembered when a similar scandal takes the stage.

Still, we do agree on one of Yee’s request: we would very much like to know what did Rockstar cut off from the initial version so the game would meet the “M” standard. Then again, we’d only like to know that out of sheer curiosity.